1. To improve the livelihoods of rural poor through efficient management of natural resources and increased productivity, profitability and diversity of the farming systems.
  2. To facilitate agro processing, value addition and market linkages for enhanced on farm and off-farm income and employment generation.
  3. Capacity building and skill development of primary and secondary stake holders through knowledge sharing, collective action and use modern ICTs.
  4. To create awareness on natural farming, organic farming, organic certification and market linkage for produce.
  5. To promote soil and plant health management activities.
  6. To promote cultivation of high valued ornamental, vegetable and fruit crops. Also create awareness on the growing of crops under protected conditions.
  7. To facilitate farming community in procuring proper agriculture inputs viz. seed, animal feed, pesticides, fertilizer, farm equipment, etc.
  8. Biodiversity conservation and agricultural intensification for livelihood security in fragile eco system
  9. Upliftment of tribal population through education, health and agriculture.
  10. Analysis of the Industrial Excretes/wastes and converting the same into by products and other useful activities under recyclic process under jurisdiction of A.P
  11. Create awareness on the agro based industries and also provide forward and backward linkages.
  12. To create awareness on the environment and conduct studies on environmental pollution and develop pollution abatement techniques through R & D and S & T projects.
  13. To undertake environmental protection activities viz. afforestation, wild life preservation
  14. Global greening activities like green belt along the railway tracks, Roads, Premises of Government and Private offices, Education Institutions, Industrial areas, Public Gardens, etc.
  15. To ensure the perfect health and nutrition to all people by creating awareness on health and nutrition.
  16. To create awareness on the management of poultry, small and large animals in order to achieve maximum benefits.
  17. To participate in relief and welfare activities of the society especially in scientific reforms.
  18. To create awareness on the various developmental schemes of State and Central Government
  19. Undertaking the projects from the individuals or group of organizations, Private and Public Sectors.
  20. Centre also provides consultancy on agriculture and other allied sectors to the interested parties.