To create awareness on natural farming, organic farming, organic certification and market linkage for produce.

To promote soil and plant health management activities.

To promote cultivation of high valued ornamental, vegetable and fruit crops. Also create awareness on the growing of crops under protected conditions.


Capacity building and skill development of primary and secondary stake holders through knowledge sharing, collective action and use modern ICTs.




Note: Important dates
Last date for receipt of abstracts August 25th
Last date for receipt of Research papers August 31st
Conformation of participation and intent for accommodation - August 15
Accommodation is first come on first serve on payment basis

The Projects

Training programmes on the construction and maintenance of ripening chambers, post harvest technologies for unemployed youth.

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Entrepreneur Development Programs

Our organization is proposing 50 training programmes on the construction and maintenance of ripening chambers, also post harvest technologies to the unemployed youth, farming community, fruit producer organizations (FPOS), SHG’s, fruit venders, etc.

Training for Unemployed

The unemployed youth who undergo this training would they themselves can successfully become entrepreneurs by taking up ripening chambers as agriculture and allied activity, thereby they are able to create employment and also become job providers rather than job seekers.

Entrepreneur Development Programs(EDP) on  Fruit Ripening

Mango is the major fruit crop of Adilabad district.  It is cultivated in an area of 65,000 acres with annual production of 2.5 Lakh Mts.,.  Apart from mango other fruit crops viz. Banana, Papaya, Citrus, Sapota, grapes, etc., are grown.

Fruits and vegetables produced in this area are artificially ripened by using calcium carbide (CaC2). Consuming such fruits and vegetables cause numerous ill-effects. There is an urgent need to curb the use of calcium carbide. This can be achieved by presently available technology like ripening chambers where fruits and vegetables are artificially ripened using ethylene gas.

In order to operate ripening chambers trained personnel are required. Therefore, our organization is proposing 50 training programmes on the construction and maintenance of ripening chambers.

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